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my dad was archery hunting on our land with his crossbow mind you he"s 75yrs old and has parkinsons diease for 3yrs now and it was the last week of archery and their were bucks all over that day he shot at 3 other bucks with no luck .he started walking to my stand wich had bunch of apple trees there and seen a deer looking straight at him at 30yrds he could only see its head so he thought he could get a shot in his neck.and pulled the trigger.he said the buck droped right their then got up and tooked of down the ridge.he tried to track it and couldnt walk any more.and called my mom at work and told her to call me to come get him he was in trouble couldnt i rushed over there to find him 20 min later laying on the ground i ran over there and he said he hit a buck but couldnt track it any more my legs gave out. so of i went looking for the deer it was bleeding prety good for a few hundred yards and then just quit so i went back to my dad and asked him were he hit it and after hearing that i laugh at him and took him home went back and looked with no luck.until the first day of rifle season sitin in my stand and looked to my left and there he was shot he went down went over to him and notice a scare on his face and new it was him. took him to my dads and showed him he just shooked his head. i love my dad.

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