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I have dermestid beetles and use them to clean skulls as a hobby. I'm doing enough now that I plan on starting up a small business to do them this year. That way I can write off some of my expenses and utilities.

I started doing them for myself and family and friends but now I'm Scott's (Firediver) go to skull guy. Since he does taxidermy, he gets some requests for European mounts.

Here's a link to some pictures I have of the process. I don't have any of the finished, degreased, whitened product though. Guess I need to get some to show off my work.

I no longer have them in my basement and I have 3 colonies, not just that one tub. I have a 4'x4'x3' insulated box that I keep outside that I keep them in. I have a couple thousand right now.

In the pictures with the bucks, all the ones in green garbage bags (and the one in the blue grocery bag) are Illinois bucks from Scott and the others are PA bucks. Mine from this year is the one that is just the skull cap.

I have about a dozen or so deer to do, plus a bear (it's in right now) and several coyotes.

Here's the link:
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