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Originally Posted by Monie View Post
I was watching Fred Eichler the other day. He had a similar situation, with unseasonable wet weather. He managed to stalk a goat and make the shot. Afterward, he was a man posessed!! I LOVE watching him when he bags an animal! He is an absolute hoot! He acts like a kid hopped up on a 5lb bag of sugar!!
Canuck2 nice goat!

I tried the spot and stalk on the speedster in 2007 when I hunted with Fred Eichler's outfit in S.E. Colorado because of the monsoon hit. No place to hide from them other than to crawl through a half mile of castus. Did I say I hate cactus. I'm going back out in August to give it the Ole college retry, I want one of those on my wall and in my belly! LOL

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