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Hey Alec glad to see your out shed hunting. The first thing we do is figure out where the deer are beding and feeding at the time of year when they are droping antlers then look in those areas and everywhere in between. Sometines we find them in wheat fields,corn fields which is where our deer are feeding in Jan. and Feb. We also find them on trails between beding and feeding areas and sometines they loose them very near there beds. Fence or creek crossings where they jump ofter jar them off. Just remember a feeding area they used in Nov. may not be used in Jan. same for a beding area for example in Nov. our deer bed on ridge top thickets and creek bottom thickets in Jan. and Feb. the tend to bed on the south side of the ridges and somewhat more open areas so they can be in the warm sun, but during times of very cold weather with high winds they will bed in places where they are out of the wind. The best advice is look everywhere you can. Just rember the amount of bucks your area carries over is a big factor on how many sheds there are out there to find. Good luck and hope this helps.
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