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Default Mathews XT

I was out cruising some of the local PawnShops the other day in hopes of finding a SA Ruger for not too much. One shop I went into had some bows hanging up, so beings as I was "looking around", I headed over to see if they had anything in lefty stuff. As usual,NO! Oh well! As I turn to head for the guncase, one bow in particular caught my eye, even if it was right handed. I pulled it off the hook and staring me in the face was a just about new Mathews XT, fully equipped. Whomever had set this bow up, knew what they were after. Unfortunately, I've checked on some of the sights and rests and knew I couldn't use them on my LH bow. For $175, this would have been a killer price for somebody! Those showing prices are usually negotiable, so there's no telling what a feller might get it for.
He took me!
Thanks Dad.
Wish you were here.

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