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I have one small problem with trying these new bows out to see which one I like.I live in a small hick town...we are the only bowshop for miles around, closest would be 6hrs away...& most of them don't stock a 50lb bow with a 24 inch draw.I would have to order one in & pay up front.

So out of the few I' pick are bows that we carry, but I don't want to order one of each because I propably wouldn't be able to sell the the ones I didn't choose. The area where I live, there are not too many women hunters(I'm trying to change that ) So any & all input would be nice...right now I'm leaning on the bowtech side because they have a adjustable draw from 24-30 with no bow press required.So when it comes to resale this one would be much easier If i don't like it
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