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lol sounds like you need more flour. Give it another shot with a little more flour and I'm sure they'll turn out fine.

Remember, you don't want the dough thin or runny. For the drop biscuits, the dough should hold it's form after being placed on the baking sheet.

Also, make sure to use shortening. If you use margarine instead, the biscuits will turn out flat. I actually ran out of shortening the other day and substituted margarine. They were good, but flat. They would have tasted sooooo much better if I had the shortening.

Hope this helps.

One more thing comes to mind...make sure you are using fresh baking powder. If it's been in the cupboard more than a year, pitch it. This can also cause the dough to come out flat. Baking powder is pretty cheap, so it's worth buying a new can.
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