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Originally Posted by yote hunter View Post
Bow Drawn,

Our coyotes are mating right now and howls work very well.
You have to get to where you are going to call undetected,
and call off and on for at least 45 minutes(we kill a lot of coyotes
at 35 to forty minutes) They will respond to a howl from a mile away and you have to give them time to get there. Try not to use rabbit sounds, a fawn
in distress works much better) Be sure you have very good visibility down wind because that is where the couote wants to get to so he can confirm with his nose what his ears are telling him.
I do coyote control work. if you have more questions please feel free to contact me at
yote hunter
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I was thinking they started their mating season about now, thanks for the input that should be a huge help. I have a great fawn in distress call that I have used to bring in doe. I have a fawn decoy too. This should be a fun hunt.
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