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Always good to call just at dawn or just before dusk.

This info was given to me by Professional Predator hunter friends in Texas.

The question was how long do you let an electroinic call play:

What you need to do is let the sound play for no more than a minute or two then wait a few minutes then play it again. If you are hunting public land you should try a different sound because public land gets hammered and those coyotes have heard that sound over and over again. Try using something off the wall that they may not heard before, it doesn't even have to be a native to your area. Also dont sit in the same spot every time you go.

This ties in, and I was asking how long to sit a spot before moving on:

A half hour on one spot is a long time. Wait more like 20 minutes. That's enough for any interested coyotes to get there. Quietly set up, do your calling, and quietly move to another spot. Cover more country, maybe see more coyotes. Above all, don't get discouraged. once the first one comes in, you'll be hooked.

I use a tally ho call. it's usually sold for five or six dollars, open reed so a little harder to use, but its very manageable with a little practice. The cheap ones sound like crap and produce same.

Also make sure you set up on any dirt roads or two-track you can find. Yotes are opportunistic and will eat anything easy to get. They don't really want to travel through cover much.

It can be quite a challenge because they see you well before you see them. I am working on a Guille suit right now just for Yote hunting.

Good luck!

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