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Originally Posted by jd2206 View Post
After many years I am finally giving in and going to do my first bear hunt and I was hoping for a recommendation on a good outfitter. I have hunted whitetails with many outfitters so I have seen the good, bad, and sometimes ugly. I have no real preference for location other than the hunt being a spring hunt. I guess what I am looking for is the same thing everyone else looks for. Quality bears, comfortable accomodations (doesn't need to be a 5 star lodge, just have a hot shower, comfortable bed and edible food) comfortable stands set up for bow hunting, and personable hosts. This hunt will not be cheap so getting burned is something I want to avoid.
Other than an outfitter recommendation, what about timing? Is it generally better early or later in the season? Does that depend on province?
Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance
You know they list the outfitters they have used in or under the TV SHOW button listed right above this post in the green bar. Jus t click on it and the drop dwon will list the outfitters. Good luck on your first bear hunt.
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