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Latest update for you out of Ed's

Good Luck,

Fishing on Devils Lake continues to be fairly good for walleyes and pike, but
remains slow for perch. The biggest problem has been mobility due to the
heavy snow cover on the lake. While the local Access group and the resorts
are keeping a main trail system open, getting off the trails to do any
exploring is getting quite difficult even with a 4x4 vehicle. Those wishing
to venture around to look for fish should plan on using snowmobiles or travel
in groups with 4x4 vehicles. Some of the better walleye fishing has been
coming from Doc Hagens, Bud & Old Mill Bays, Rocky/Military Points, the north
end of Creel Bay, the trees around Swansons Point near the Casino, 57 bridge,
Mission Bay, Stromme Addition, Foughtyís Point, and Black Tiger Bay on Devils
Lake and the north and east areas of Lake Irvin. Try jigging raps, nils,
buckshots, kastmasters, and Swedish pimples with a minnow or minnow head.
Also, jigging with sonars and chubby darters has been working as well. Pike
fishing remains good in Walfords Bay and Jerusalem Bay on Devils Lake,
Morrison Lake to the north, or Lake Irvin. Smelt or herring fished with
tipups continues to be the best bet. Perch fishing remains slow with a few
people catching some fish each day, but itís more of a hit and miss deal.
Some areas where perch are being caught is near Military Point, the Dome house
area, the Casino, Skadsens, and Black Tiger Bay. Haliís, kastmasters, small
raps, buckshots, ratsos, and some of the new Northland grubs tipped with
waxworms, spikes, or minnows/heads all work at times. Good Luck & Good
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