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Originally Posted by GRM View Post
I'm born and raised here in Tx. and thought you would like to know the weather down here is "fine". Today and tomorrow around 79 degrees but Friday a front is coming through and supposed to knock it down to around 45 degrees. Burrr that's cold..............not for you guys up north though. Sounds like ya'll have definitely got enough cold weather to kill all the bugs. I'm headed to Alberta this spring for my first bear hunt.
Where are you going to hog hunt? I'm in the panhandle and we have been covered up with hogs. Just can't seam to kill enough of them to even make a dent in their population.

"Oo Oo Oo Mr Carter!!" I'll help you hunt those hogs!!!!

Seriously, if'n ya'll need help keeping the population down. I'd be glad to pitch in.

BTW....Welcome, GRM!!!
If you're not leaning, no one can let you down.

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