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Great job there! I remember my first pheasant hunt when I was 9 years old like it was yesterday. In Bakersfield, California somewhere. The real story was what happened the night before...
Some hunters/partiers were ripping it up next to us at 11:30pm or so while cranking out some classical Lone Ranger on a reel to reel stereo they brought out there. Well after my Pop politely asked for them to keep it down a bit; one smart-ass comment after another followed, then the fight broke out. There's my pop and some other guy going at it for a bit until it was broke up. Then, out of no where, some other guy tried to hit pop while he was being held back. I just happen to be standing right there, and intercepted the guy with a right cross before he could get to my pop. I had to leap in the air with all I had. I just stood there with my fist clinched and shaking while the crowd that had formed just stared at this 9 year old kid that just knocked down the tallest guy in the crowd with one punch. After a brief moment of uncomfortable silence, the crowd disbursed.
When we got back to the camper; my pop was so excited at what I had done, he was just tossing me up in the air, bouncing my head off the ceiling inside.
The next day, I filled my limit and was the talk of hunting camp for the next couple of years. Still one of the greatest hunt trips of memory.
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