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Originally Posted by burrhead View Post
TSNodak, I'm not sure how much snow we have, but the drifts are getting out of hand, another blizzard this weekend and the roads are getting all drifted in, its going to be a long winter of moving snow, the wind just won't stop blowing. Looking forward to the Devils lake tourney, got our tickets and rooms.
Not sure when this tourney is Burr, but I heard over the weekend there is talk of cancelling due to so much snow on the ice. If I hear more I'll post it up! Might be worth a call for you if you have any contacts upthere!!
I also heard a report of Lake Winnipeg and the Winnepeg River!! Around 70 walleyes a day with 1 28" 1 29" With the majority around 24" eyes!!!
Kid close to where I work was up there over the weekend.
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