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I have been using them for three seasons now. They work excellently for hanging fix postion stands and are good for running and gunning or hunting in areas you want to leave little sign of being there. They are like every other stand system out there. Each has it's benifits and draw backs. There isn't the pinch guys like to speak of with line man style rigs. Unless you leave your wallet in your back pocket. They are based more like a parachute harnessing your back end in a big pocket. The straps you see that you step thru add support and additional saftey. They are not for every hunting set up. Even though you can hang behind the tree I don't use mine in open hardwoods unless I am rifle hunting. I do love it during archery season when there is some foilage to cover some of your shifting motion. Trees you couldn't get another stand to hang on it they rock.
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