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Here's a report from Ed's bait shop Burr.!!!

This past week the lake access committee was finally able to get out and make
some trails. Luckily we missed the heavy snows last night and that should
help them stay open for a bit. Currently there are trails in Creel Bay, the
Casino area, the Towers area to Bud Bay & the 6th tower, East Bay to the Camp
entrance and from the boat ramp to the storm sewer area, Ackerman Acres to
Foughty’s and Haybale, and East Bay Campground/Black Tiger area. Special
thanks not only to the access committee, but also Woodland Resort, the Casino,
Ackerman’s, and East Bay Campground as these folks are also doing their own
trails to help anglers. As for fishing the walleye fishing’s been quite good,
perch fishing a bit slow, and pike fishing good as well. Walleye anglers are
reporting good success in the shallower 10-20 foot zones in the am & pm hours
and a decent bite during the day out on the gravel humps and points in the 15-
24 foot zones. Buckshots, raps, and nils tipped with minnows or minnow heads;
or sonars and chubby darters have all been working. Some of the better areas
include Doc Hagens, Bud Bay, the Casino area, Mission Bay, East Bay near the
camp entrance and Stromme Addition area, Foughty’s Point, and Black Tiger
Bay. A few perch are being caught in the mouth and north end of Creel Bay,
the Casino area, Black Tiger Bay, and Jerusalem Bay. Lake Irvin has also been
really good for walleye fishing, but access is much more limited due to the
heavy snowfall. Pike fishing and spearing remain good in Jerusalem Bay,
Walfords Bay, and Sweetwater/Morrison. Irvin’s been slow for some reason this
year. While there are some trails on the lake, the snow cover is heavy and
those wishing to be more mobile may want to use snowmobiles. Four wheel drive
is essential if you plan on driving off any of the trails. Good Luck & Good
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