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I just bought a Trophyline Tree Saddle and so far I really really like it.

I have a Lone Wolf Climber, a Lone Wolf Hang-on, 6 Lone Wolf Climbing sticks, and about a dozen other assorted hang-ons that I leave out year round on the private ground I hunt.

In my opinion they all have their place.

I prefer to pre-hang a hang-on in January or February, and it's always there. But I use the Lone Wolf climber for going into areas where I know there are straight trees. I use the Lone Wolf hang-on and sticks for going into areas where I either know there aren't straight limbless trees, or I've never been in there before. But I gotta tell you, a Lone Wolf hang-on, plus 6 Lone Wolf sticks, plus bow, plus pack with rattling antlers and extra clothes. . . equals aching back and shoulders

I plan to prep multiple trees for the tree saddle (I can't afford 20 more treestands right now), and I can use the saddle to go in lightly and hunt those areas. Likewise, it will be one more tool for my arsenal when I go into an area where I haven't already prepped a tree or hung a treestand. The saddle, plus pack with gear and clothes, plus Lone Wolf sticks is considerably lighter, and I can attach the saddle and sticks to my Badlands pack which carries everything comfortably

I've hunted out of it twice now, and so far I've been really comfortable. From everything I've read, it is important to get the right size or it will pinch and rub in places. Best advice is to call Trophyline before buying and ask what size you should get.

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