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Disagree totally Mike.

I bought a Bushmaster AR-15 in .223 for coyote hunting. I wanted a quick shooting, quick swinging rifle (mine is the carbine version), that had quick follow shots, for the occasional calling situation where multiple animals are called in.

I've used this rifle to kill one bobcat, and several coyotes. ALL were ONE shot kills even though I had several other rounds in the magazine

This year I filled my buck tag during rifle season on opening day, so I decided to take my AR out to fill one of my doe tags. I had a round in the chamber, and 7 rounds in the magazine. I put a stalk on some does, and dropped a doe from 154 yards with a spine shot. Then I put in a finisher as well.

As someone said above, it's not the GUNS, it's the people that use them. That goes for criminal actions, as well as people who like to shoot their deer full of holes.

Shots rang out. . . as shots are wont to do.

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