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Default What a night!!!!

I did something this afternoon......something that I used to do about 100 times per year...but only twice in the last 2 years......I went hunting without a cameraman.

It felt odd for the first hour but then I found my old form when a big doe entered the field at 70 yards....followed by another an another. The wind had been a steady southwest all day....that was until the deer showed up. It did an about face and it didn't take long before the field was empty.

It was then I decided to move so I could play the wind better. As soon as I set up I noticed movement to my right............a 160" buck was standing 100 yards away and my heart rate increased dramatically. Then I spotted a bigger one joining him in the field.......soon followed by a couple of 130's.

These bucks were very content nibbling on the neighbor's beans and they totally ignored my attempts to call them in. While walking back to the truck I was checking in with my wife on my cell when I realized that a 150" buck was letting me walk right past him at 50 yards. Lucky for him it was just past shooting hours.

What a night!!! Sure felt good.....but tagging one of those bucks and not having it on film would have been hard to swallow.

I needed a chance to get out and relax.........MISSION ACCOMPLISHED
Why shoot on the last day what you wouldn't shoot on the first?

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