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Originally Posted by HurricaneCreek View Post
This is one item I will be replacing for this year, but which one to buy? I have never had a good quality pair and I am looking for a compact, lightweight model. Rodney482 mentioned Vortex in another thread, I haven't looked at those yet. I've been looking at Steiner & Leopould. What do you all use?
I don't know how much you want to spend I have a pair of nikon monarch's 10x42 and there pretty good bino's for under $300.00 you can buy a pair of them at for under $250.00 ask for doug,they are top notch.the monarch's come in 8.5x56mm and10x56and 12x56mm now,myself I like the larger objective lens they let in more light so you can see objects better with less light,you will probaly get 15to20 minutes of extra seeing light with the 56mm VS. the 42's
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