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Default Some 08 Success

Well this year there were a few first around. My fiance took her first deer with archery equipment. A small button buck but her first thats all that matters.

Then saw my first dead 200+" Indiana buck. My best friend and filming partner took it Nov 7. Grossed 209 3/8" NT and Netted 200 1/8" And of course we were on completely different farms when he killed it. It had been really slow so we were trying to found out where they were moving.

Oh wait did I say it came from Indiana

I did manage to take a buck that same day. Knock off about 70" and you get a 3 1/2 yr old 130 class 8 pt. He did dress out at 200 lbs though. Was the first time I have gotten the buck I shot on a trail cam.

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