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Well my muzzy season ended this morning. I got a really nice 4X5. Went out last night and sat by a fallen tree by the river and a corn field, seen alot of deer, had five does and fawns come by at 5 yards. Seen a couple of bucks north of me on land I couldn't hunt, but couldn't tell what they were.

This morning I came into work and the IT staff had my computer locked up, so I said I was going out for awhile. I went to the area where my blind was to see if any thing was moving around the area in the mornings. I drove by one sopt on the river and there was a few does standing there, I couldn't see them all so I grabbed my binos and walked down a little ways, wouldn't you know it a big buck steps out, muzzleloader in the pickup 50 yards away. So when I got done kicking myself in the rear, I drove up to the area my blind was. I parked by some trees to glass a wheat field and corn field along the river above my blind, was watching a bunch of does and small buck, when all of the sudden here comes this buck running right at me. I got out of the pickup stood there and he kept coming closer and closer, he got about fifty yards away and I started yelling at him to get him to stop, but he just kept loping along, so when he got about 30 yards I shot. After the smoke cleared, he was still going right in front of me, I thought there is no way I missed him, I was looking for blood on his body thinking maybe I did miss, then he started to stagger a little bit and tipped over. I hit him a little high in the lungs, but that did the job. I will get some pics later and will keep you posted on my buddies hunt.
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