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Originally Posted by Arrowmike View Post
I have decided to try turkey hunting this year, so any info on this would be great. I know next to nothing about hunting them.
Im thinking that I may take the shotgun with so what type of choke and load should I use? The gun is a Remington 12ga 26”barrel. And if my son goes I’ll be getting him a Mossberg 20 ga 20”barrel.
Next is calls and decoys how and when do you use them? What are good ones? Any good DVD to learn calling?
Well for chokes it seems like the H.S. Undertaker always patterns out of every gun. You want to use an extra full or turkey choke. You can experiment with different chokes. For load the winchester supremes 3 inch usually pattern well out of anything. Again you can experiment with different shells. I prefer 4 or 5 shot. The larger the shot the more knock down power at longer ranges. The easiest calls for a beginner to learn is the box or a slate type call. Decoys I like the delta. You definitely want at least one hen in your arsenal and place them about 15 yards from you. If you would be bowhunting them out of a blind place them about 5 feet. I think H.S. make a call video. I know Quaker Boy does. Hope this helps. If you have anymore questions ask away.
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