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Originally Posted by thedogmother View Post
Thanks for the welcome Monie. You let me know if you and ladybowhntr have need another hunting partner if you come out to Cali to hunt pigs you let me know

Thanks for all the congrats on the deer. I wish I could have helped the women's team out with some points. Sorry.

Hey Nova, all us Californis's are not like that me. But between you and me; I can't wait to get out of here. I am sure I will make a better nieghbor then the ones that moved next to you.
Girl, I'm from Fresno, born and raised. It's a whole other world out here...especially in Indiana. Here, the pace is kinda like it was there, back in the 70's! lol Not everything has to be done yesterday. I have literally watched people wait for a car that's over a block away to pass by before they'll merge into traffic!! I remember in fresno, if you had a half a car length to work with, you gunned it and forced your way in! Come to Kokomo, I'll be glad to show you around.
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