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just got done with looking at my gun again, i cut some strips of aluminum from a pop can and put one over the firing pin hole, held it there with some rolled up paper towel and my finger, pulled the trigger and checked the dent, i did this twelve times ,then i backed out the trigger stop screw ,(which TC said wasn't the problem) and did it to tweve more, then i took off the hammer extention and did it twelve more times, the strips measured 4-1/2 thous. thick ,the first twelve ,measuring the dent measured between 25-29 thous. the other twelve after backing out the screw measured between 35-40 thous. they measured the same without the extention. i put primers in 50 empty cases , everyone went off after the screw adjustment. next i'll load up some live rounds and head for the range.hopefully this solves my problem---tom
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