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Default Another Los Angeles County deer

Hi All

I saw a thread on here about taking deer in LA County. So I thought I would share my '08 archery buck. I took him on Sept 27th not more then 5 miles from the city. As mentioned on the other thread I took this with an "AO" tag (archery only). I have one tag left and is an either sex archery tag for Los Angeles County. I will be heading back out Friday for deer and then heading up north a couple hours for pig on Saturday and Sunday.

We hunters are not well liked here in California, that is true but there are several of us. Also, there are some giant deer in the state. I have seen some very large deer taken, some nice elk, antelope and some nice hogs. Not an easy tag to draw but we have some nice big horn sheep as well. We have upland hunting of all kinds and duck and geese as well.

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