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Default encore missfires

had the gun for three years now with no problems,this year i put the 30-06 barrel on and went north, while sighting it in it would miss fire every second or thrid shot ,just a small dent in the primer, if i cocked it again and shot it would go off. my son had to cock it twice to shoot his buck. called TC and they said it was from using a hammer extention. the weight of the extention would cause it to hit the primer light and not flat in the center of the firing pin. the extention is made of aluminum not very heavy.they said the problem would get worse with time.never had a problem the last two years.just does'nt make sense to me the answer they gave.seems more to me like the problem would be more in the strength of the hammer spring. maybe they had a load of bad ones.anyone ever have this happen? i don't need to have the big one in sight and the gun go click!
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