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The powder I use is 777 I used pyrodex for years until I tried 777 It gives great groups in my 50 cal. TC encore. It's verry easy to clean and dosen't foul the barrel as bad makeing it easy to load even after several shots. As for the bullets the powerbelts shoot great but I had a real problem with them not expanding. They would poke a hole about 50 cal. size all the way through. I found the deer but all went farther than they should have and didn't bleed verry good. After the fourth deer shot and the same results on all of them I started checking around and herd great things about the TC shockwave's. After trying them I was pleased with the grouping (just as good as powerbelts) but, they were verry hard to load. Then I tried the TC shockwave's with super glide sabots they load easy and shoot great but, what sold me was the performance on impact. They work

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