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Originally Posted by John Souza View Post
I know a couple of guides..It just depends on "how" you want to hunt. Most of the hunting here in Oregon is spot and stalk. The "non-resident" liscense is $76.00 and a black bear tag is $151.00. You have to put in for the spring tag in advance because they cap the number of tags for spring. Fall is right over the counter. The couple of guides I know run a success rate of about 80-90%!! For spot and stalk that is huge. I see several "shooters" every season. That would be bears in the 300lb range with skulls or 18 inches.
Steve Happenstahl is a excellent guide for blacktails and bears. I can get you his number if you are interested.

OK you got me excited!!! Shoot me this guy's info, please!
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