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Originally Posted by MJewell View Post
Monie if you like the Triumph, try picking up the Endeavour you will not be able to set that gun down. I know that it is twice the price but I feel it is worth the money for the simple fact that you can exchange the barrels on it with any caliber that you wish.

Huh...I'm up for spending a little more to get more bang for my buck! Thanks for the tip, Matt!! I'll have to take a road trip to Indy to check it out.

Thank God I have no money right now, because in that store ALL of the long guns are out and can be handled! I love that store for that reason! I was there one day and fondling the muzzleloaders, then I worked my way over to the carbines, then the shotguns. Man, that Citori sure did feel fine in my hands! Great balance, goes to your shoulder right now and the cheek swell is perfect for me. If I had the dough, I sure would get one of those in a heartbeat.
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