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Default 1st day of rifle season

Saturday morning started out all wrong. My ears were still ringing from a concert on Friday nite...3rd row on the floor for Lady Attebellum and Jason Aldean. It was raining steadily and the fog was thicker than I've seen it for a while.
I arrived at my cousins before 6am and headed over to where my climber was waiting. As I neared my stand, the rain started to come down heavier, so I hook a right and headed for my cousin's box stand. It was to be one of the best moves I made that day. Within minutes of getting the door closed and getting myself situated, the weather turned into hurricane like conditions. Winds blowing at what must have been 30-50 mph. The rain was coming horizontal and was blowing into the openings between the plexiglass windows. I was getting damp, but not soaking wet!

The rain let up and the winds died down some, around 8am. I saw a young buck(6 PT) that I'd seen back in MZL season but had let walk. He's still walking. I was hunting does per the request of my cousin. Good thing I had a book with me. I sat there until about noon and never saw another deer. It would come a downpour about every 30 minutes or so and I think it even had the squirrels shut down. I never saw the first one!

I started to climb down just after noon when movement caught my eye. I got turned around and reached for the binos. Coming across the field was the biggest flock of turkeys I've seen around here for a while. Every one of them was a hen. As season is closed on them during rifle deer season, I got to get some lessons in turkey talk and behavior between the hens. Man, have those ladies got attitudes! Every couple of minutes a pair of them would jump one another and the feathers would fly! Literally! They hung around for the better part of a hour and at one time I had 12 within 10yds of the stand. Ya'll ever seen a hen blow up like a gobbler strutting? Well, I saw about 4 hens do this right below me. I've seena a bunch of turkeys,over the years and have never seen this behavior before. Maybe they were just drying their feathers or something?

Anyhoo, after they left, I wandered back over to the car for a samwich and soda. My cousin came home while I was sitting there and was surprised to see me. He'd been gone since right after I got there and figured I'd gotten run off by the weather. Beings as how this may be the only day I get to hunt for a while, I was sticking it out. He told me the does had been eating some of the persimmons that were falling so I headed back to the stand for the afternoon. Instead of going back to the box stand, I decided to hunker down next to the field edge where I could keep an eye on the numerous persimmon trees and most of a large hay field. Read a little, look around some, read some more. The wind couldn't make up its mind which way it wanted to blow. First in my face, then the back of my head, next second into the side of my face. Plumb squirrelly! At 5 mintues til 5, A litlle bitty deer snuck in behind me a blew! I about jumped outa my hide! It was that close! I turned just in time to see it going back thru the bushes. When I say "little bitty", that's what I mean. It had to be the smallest deer, without spots, that I've seen. When I turned back to the field, there stood another deer munching persimmons! Getting dark quick, make a quick estimation on distance, make sure it ain't got no horns, flick of the safety on my trusty 243 and touch the trigger.

Ya'll ever touched off a rifle that had moisture down the barrel? Well, I think that was a first for me. When the rifle went bang, the moisture inside around the bolt came blowing back into my glasses. I thought something bad had happened! On top of that, I couldn't see the deer or what had happened when the rifle fired. I headed over to where I'd shot it. As I got there, I looked back to where I'd been sitting and realized that I just may have misjudged my distance in the fading light. Right away I started finding blood. Lots of bloods and lung material. This wasn't gonna take long. Sure enough, there laid my deer, it hadn't gone 30yds and piled up. As I stepped around it I noticed that it had a little something extra. Yep, I'd taken a Knot headed little buck. Didn't weigh much but sure is gonna be good eating. My Cousin laughed when I came dragging it to the house. Turns out he'd made the same mistake, twice, this season. If I had a camera I'da posted a picture, but, oh well! Least I got one. I think I'll make jerky out of it and send some to Iraq. I know a Marine that likes jerky and will proably enjoy it.

Hopefully things'll get settled in here at work and I can get back out during late muzzleloader or bow season. We'll just have to play it by ear.

Hope ya'll enjoy reading this. Just wanted to share it.

He took me!
Thanks Dad.
Wish you were here.

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