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Default Awesome!

My trapping partner and I were pulling the part of the line we've had in since opening day yesterday.

We get to the last 3 sets, 2 up on a ridge at a hedgerow, and one in the valley below and I tell Chris that I'll climb the ridge and pull the 2 sets if he'll go pull the last one. I get out of the truck, grab the stake puller and climb up as Chris drives a hundred yards or so down the road.

I get to the dirt hole set and turn my head and glance over to the hedgerow and see a flash of black! Then I see something thrashing around and a black coyote head pops up over the top! HOLY!!!!! I have nothing but the stake puller, I left the .22 in the truck with Chris! I call him and say "THERE'S A BLACK YOTE IN THE HAYSET! I'm NOT KIDDING!! GET BACK UP HERE WITH THE .22 NOW!!!!" I soon hear a truck door slam, the truck fire up, gravel flying, and as the truck flies into view, and slams to a halt as Chris bails out and comes running up the hill! haha Needless to say we were pretty excited!

We got him in a hayset with fox pee, using 4-coiled Bridger #2's and had him by BOTH front feet above the pads. He wasn't going ANYWHERE!

We weighed him at home and verified the weight with a dumbbell. He tipped the scales at 50 lbs! A really nice, big, jet black dog with a white T on his chest!

Here's a couple pics!


Yote knowing he's been had
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