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Default Indiana trip

Well I'm back from Indiana. A few real big bucks, more great young bucks, a ton of "forkies" young bucks, some coyotes, lots of turkeys. Had a great time.

One really big buck (no idea how many points on a very non typical rack, guess about 17) about 5.5 years old has a bald spot on his brisket thanks to me.

Yeah I missed. I can list lots of reasons (some legitimate) but I missed.

Proof to all you new guys to archery. It can and will happen!!!

I spent 8 days with alot of great friends and spent alot of time in the woods!!!

A great trip!!!

I can't wait to get that miss behind me!!!!

One more disappointment... Since I didn't get my deer and I didn't drive, I never got a chance to meet monie for a coke. Sorry

I should be back up for shed hunting and spring scouting.
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