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Default good and bad weekend

I just got back from sask and I got out there friday morning went out to my stand at 2pm and get 20 yards from my bait and there was a huge pile of dried blood every were and paper towel all over the place,some one shot a deer right there at my bait and gutted it.I was so peezed off but sat at the bait that night and set my trail cam.No deer came in so the next morning decided to go pull everything out but checked the trail camera first and there is what came in a 1.5 hours after I left my stand friday night.

I had the smaller one go 40 yards past my stand but he was on the back side of me and way to much bush to get a shot then had 3 does at the bait for 15min a little latter.

I can't tell if there are 2 big ones or if that is the same one with the drop tine.

But it gives me some hope when I go back in 10 more days.
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