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Default decent buck down

Well the deer are definately responding to the rattling! Made it out Mon. morning by myself seeing 2 doe's and a small buck, hunted from the ground because I have much better luck this way when rattling as I can get the leave's really moving and snapping branche's while I have my grunt tube hanging from my mouth as i'm doing this. Just seem's to work really well for me. 3'rd sequence I still had the antler's together when I caught a buck running in my derection, grabbed the gun and got ready but it was a small 100" 8 pnt and decided to let him walk with him only 7 yrd's from me. Made it out again Tues. AM with no deer seen, headed back out in the afternoon and 2 min's into my 1'st session of rattling 4 small basket rack's came charging in grunting the whole time for 20 min's untill they got down wind of me, an hr. went by and decided to make a move into the middle of a swamp and again 2 min's and had a doe come in letting her walk. Did my last serie's of call's just before 5:00, caught movement about 80 yrd's away and got ready. When he stepped out to where I could get a good look at him I knew he was a shooter and picked my spot grunted to stop him and took it at 70 yrd's and hit him high but the 2'nd was on the money.
Green gross 135 5/8" 8 pnt.

Man did I ever break a sweat and get dirty getting him out, only a 2 mile drag. Dressed out at 197 lbs.
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