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Day 25 evening

Well we didnt get out until late. We were taking pics of our turkeys and all the other fun stuff that goes with it. I didnt think we would see anything where we went but we had no choice. We left our safety harness tethers at our stands. So we decided to hunt the closest stands that we had some in. And it happend to be the area we were chasing turkeys. I was right we didnt see anything. I did get a suprise visit from another hunter in the area though. He stopped in after dark to show me pics of this buck on his trail cam. All I can say is its the biggest deer I ever saw in PA body wise. And I saw some monsters. This pig has to weigh 275 lbs plus!! I compared the pics of my 255 lber of 02 and he was no match. I hope someone gets him before he runs his weight off. The pic didnt have a good view of his whole rack. But what was there was huge!!! If the other side is a strong as the other he will go 140-150's P&Y. I wonder if its the buck I saw a few times last year. I know I didnt see him this year. I guess we will be trying to get him or the 10 now. He also showed me pics of a nice 8 point I didnt see either. The first 7 point or bigger that comes in I think is gonna see an arrow.
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