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Make that $1,756.28 (you can never get out of those places without spending a bit extra). Well, I went with the Benelli. After comments by all, going through the actions on both, and comparing feel I decided the Benelli was the gun for me. I discovered that the Beretta was too difficult to unload in the field due to excessive small buttons or action controls. The word is out that Beretta doesn't like the outdoors much either. Tempermental as to it's hygene from what many are saying. I like a gun that doesn't mind the taste of mud if it were to fall over; or if I were to (wouldn't be the first time).
As a sale bonus...Bass Pro threw in a Duck Blind Gear Bag and Field Gun Case. The gun was included with 5 differnt chokes, tool, and nice Benelli Break-Down Hardcase storing everything very neatly. Knowing that I'll use this gun more than any other in the safe, I am very satified with my decision. After my 10 day wait period, I'll be picking it up on my way to this year's first duck harvest down in the Imperial Valley.
Thanks again to all for your quick comments. Expect some photos to follow from its debut performance. -DJ
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