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Originally Posted by Adam View Post
I have an SBE, two friends have SBE II's and another friend has the Beretta Extrema (2?)....we ALL love them. So, I think it's a matter of personal preference. None of us have ever had any technical issues and we beat on our guns pretty good. We're waterfowlers, and those guns have been underwater in January and iced up and still worked, submerged in pond muck, laid down in muddy fields, etc and never a problem. Both are quality built firearms. Just see what feels best in your hands.

One word of warning, the SBE II's are REALLY light. That feels nice, but comes with a price. You WILL feel the effects of the magnum shells.
You aint kidding when you say "light". My boss has one just for sporting clays ( I know what a waste!!!) but that thing feels like a feather!!!

I don't even want to know what 3.5" mags feel like out of that..

I use the Mossberg 935, Great gun for the money. I only get out for geese about 5 times a year so I can't justify the the more high end autos...

I know the 935 feels like a tank compared to the SBE II...
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