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Originally Posted by HurricaneCreek View Post
I picked up one of the Moultrie infrared's earlier in '07 . I have had Bushnell, regular Moultries and StealthCam's. I can honestly say I will have at least 2 more of the Moultrie infrared's for next year. It was put out in Sept and taken down in Dec and I NEVER once changed the batteries, it was still reading over 50%. I swapped out the memory card every week or two and it did take a lot of and night. Longevity still remains to be seen, but I am sold so far
I have one of the I.R.'s also, you are correct about the battery life! On the down side, I do notice that all the deer are looking at the camera when it goes off, day or night it makes a noise that gets their attention. also, I dont like having to unscrew the side door to get at the sd card, kinda hard for fat, cold fingers to manipulate! haha
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