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Ok this is the way I see it, the semi-auto's are not the problem here, the problem is the people using them, as for how many shots should it take to kill your target? 1, but like we tell all of our elk hunters, "shoot till you see them go down or I tell you to stop" why do we do this? As we all know elk are big and can go a long way when they want to. We had one hunter shoot a bull with a in-line muzzle-loader at 80yrds it was a good double lung shot, that bull went 100yrds and bedded down, we waited 1/2hour and then went to find the bull, well the bull got up and took off never giving us a shot, that bull fallowed the other bull he was with for a mile bedded down for the night got back up went another 1/2mile before we caught up to him the next morning!! and yes that was a double lung shot with a 50. cal!! and that is why we shoot till they go down, it's better for us and more importantly the elk!
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