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Have read on other forums while doing some reserch on this caliber that it doesn't make some clean kills, alot of wounded animals. I don't know at wha kind of disances these guys are shooting. Still haven't made and commitment as to what I'm going to buy.

Yote hunter: What kind of distances are you shooting? and what bullet are you using?

Up here in Ontario most of your shots will be inside of 100 yards with afew reaching out to 150 yards possibly 200 yards in some places but not alot. Have been looking at the .204 or the .223 for my gun. Used to use an .222 for them around the farm but going to give it and try all across our hunting lands this coming winter with my brother in-law and hunting partner.

Got an saying up here "the only good coyote is an dead one". And I live by it doesn't matter the season as along as I have a gun in my hands there is lead flying it's way.

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