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Default bad weekend

so i have trail camera pictures of three big bucks on the property i hunt and i really wanted to get a crack at one of them this year... well it happened. afternoon hunt about 5:45 i turned to see a big 8point walking to me. i got up and pulled back and took the shot presented to me. im not quite sure what went wrong but i know i hit him. my dad and i followed him for 85 yards and lost the trail. we found 8 big puddles of blood and then nothing. we waited for 2 hours to go get him because my arrow had fat on it so i thought i might have gut shot him. after 80 yards, the blood just stopped. it started as dropps and turned into puddles with chunks of fat in it, and then nothing. we went back this morning to look for him. we walked for 4.5 hours looking and found no more blood then we found the night before. here he is, he wouldve been my best deer by far
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