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Red face Archery changed me forever

I was a rifle hunter that ended up in a bow shop one day last year. I was looking at a Hoyt Vectrix when I pulled back to see how it felt. I didn't know. So someone bumps my elbow and wham, dryfire. The place was full of people and went dead silent. I looked up and said, "I'll take it!" At least it was their flagship bow and could handle a dryfire.

Now, my second bow season I can't rifle hunt anymore, even during the General season. I've only taken two deer, a small buck and a doe, but have been trying for a monster in a no firearms area. I am even bow hunting during the rifle season.

It gets worse. I must have that Hoyt Alphamax by next season. I never dream about things, but this bow is in my dreams. Something is screaming to my primal man about perfection.

I am SunRiverMan and I am a bow hunter. SRM
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