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Wink 204 Info

Northern Archer,

The 204 is probably the best coyote round ever invented.
I out performes the other favorites like the 22-250 and
does it with less powder. There are no exit holes which lets
you get max dollars for the pelts. Since I started using the
twenty cal guns like the 204, I have called in more doubles
and triples than I did before while using the bigger calibers.
Sight the gun in for 1 1/2 inches high at one hundred yards
and you will not have to aim off of fur out to 350 yards.
Do not shoot the 32 grain V- Max bullets for coyotes, you will
have problems with that bullet on coyotes. This info is based
on several hundred kills with the 204. I do coyote control work.
yote hunter
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