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Originally Posted by Monie View Post
So you held pretty high?

Here's a trick you can use for practice, when you run out of pins. Your last pin is 60, so at 70 yards, hold your 60 yard pin over the vitals ( or x, whichever the case may be) and make a note of where the 50 yard pin is. Now, move the 60 yard pin to where the 50 yard pin was and you should be pretty close to being dead on at 70 yards.

That's about what I did, but I overcompensated for the extra 4 and blew right over her.

I really shouldn't have tried it all. I understand that. I'm really only making excuses here, but I let the anxiety of the week, the 0-fer in Texas, and the excitement of the moment get to me.

I was just sitting here reliving the moment and I could have easily slipped in front of Cheri and belly crawled another 20 yards to her then shot. She was oblivious to us, the wind was in our faces and I'm sure it was loud enough to cover my movement.

Wish I could roll back the clock!
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