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Day 7 morning

What an awesome morning we had. We hunted this one particular stand for the first time this year. On our way in we busted deer at our stands again! It wasnt long after light we heard the turkeys talking. Here we were in the middle of there roost. About an hour went by and we had some deer moving in. The lead doe was about 20 yards I was at full draw and Holly went to swing the camera and one busted us. We had no idea there was a deer behind us. So that game ended pretty quick. There was a total of 4 does. About an hour passed by and Holly said there is a buck of in the distance making a rub. I went to hand her the binos and within shooting range another buck appeared. It was a nice 8 point and I was going to shoot him. I finally thought I was going to get a deer on my B-day! And a nice buck at that. He wasnt a monster but I would have been more then happy. He came within 15 yards I was at full draw and ready. All he needed to do was take 5 more steps to the left and we would have a clear shot for the bow and camera. Well he turned and walked the other way. I had the pin right where it needed to be but the shooting lane was tight. Holly also did have a good view with the camera so I let down. It was tough but looking back at it I made the right choice. We wouldnt have got the footage we would have been happy with. But more important I really didnt feel it was the right shot. To many things could have happend in that tight lane. All in all it was a great birthday morning hunt. Not sure where we are going tonight yet. I have some ideas but none in stone. Oh I forgot we saw 2 deer at a distance later on in the morning.
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