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I'm not saying put a ban on anything! I earned my right by serving my country and I should have the right to carry and pack. I personally carry a Kimber compact for selfdefense. As for blackguns I like what they do and think there great for match shooting and varmits.
I don't feel that for big game you need to carry that much firepower to the feild. You got all these people waiting for someone to screwup and take are GOD give rights away. So why give them a chance! The enjoyment of hunting is time spent with the sights and sounds of nature. I hunt for two reason to show my kids the peace in life away from pressures of school and for them to care about their land. Second reason is for the enjoyment it brings watching nature; sure like it when I can put an animal on the grill wrapped up in bacon. My all time favorite will always be bow hunting when an animal is in less than 20yds. Hunters that take the time and do their homework don't need a ton of firepower. Look at some of the pros; like Ted N., Michael W., and the others most use bows and single shot rifles. Jim Shokey does it all with a muzzleloader.
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