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I totally disagree.

I was back east hunting and there was another group of guys that were doing a deer drive. The fire fight they were putting on would impress any vet. Their weapon of choice......pump and auto shotguns!!!!!! It's not just the idiots with rifles that like to make a lot of noise.

I believe PA doesn't allow any auto's (semi autos for all the PC types) for hunting. Those poor people don't have a choice to use them even if they wanted to. You take away certain privledges and things from people there goes FREEDOM. With out freedom to choose we could all be driving Ford Fiesta's or Chevy Chevettes!!!! The same logic goes with banning all other high powered vehicles as it does for banning autos by saying "this is all you need to get the job done"

Banning auto's gets into an unbelievable amount of guns that are used for all types of hunting. How is banning a Ruger 10/22 or a Rem 1100 20 ga going to make hunting and/or hunters "look" better?
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