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This is one of those deals where ain't nobody gonna come out on top.

As for the butt munches with the firepower, get license numbers and call your DNR. Any person not making sure of their targets and taking wild shots is breaking the law. I think they call it reckless use of a firearm.

As for banning semis in the woods, you're falling into the trap of the anti gun folks. They'd like nothing better than to have us against one another about what we choose to carry. If it's legal in your state or area, by all means use it if ya want to. There was quite a controversy a year or so ago when a well known, respected writer and TV host made a comment about "blackguns". The consequences of his comments just about cost him all he'd stove for over the years.

Thanks for serving to protect our rights. Thing is, you were preserving the rights of those you are now questioning, also.
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