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For one slugs don't shoot as far. In alot of states slugs are all you have. My home state of Michigan is mostly slug and upper parts are rifle. So no; I use both pump and semi when waterfowl; but I'm not dumping the chamber empty when I shoot. I see hunters do the same waterfowling as deer hunting. Sky bunching the clouds just to shoot at something; as for deer why do you need more than two and then maybe a follow up..not a five round load or more. People get so trigger happy they need to learn trigger control.Any more unless its bow or muzzle loader I don't hunt on public land. To many trigger happy Jo Bobs. I hunt rifle with one of two guns;a TC Encore 308 or a Savage Tatical bolt action 308 sniper rifle. Both rifles have taken down big game out past 300m in one shot.
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